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Agard, John Chilling Out Beside the Thames

Agard, John: Toussaint L’Ouverture Acknowledges Wordsworth’s Sonnet ‘To Toussaint L’Ouverture’

Ali, Agha ShahidStationery

Alvi, Moniza:  Indian Cooking

Amichai, Yehuda Tr. Bloch, Chana and Kronfeld, Chana : Ein Yahav from “Israeli Travel: Otherness is All, Otherness is Love”

Anyte of Tegea tr.Peter Constantine: This Place is Aphrodite’s

Arshi, Mona: This Morning

Auden,W.H. : Funeral Blues

Barker, Sebastian In the Heart of Hackney

Bensley, Connie Stations

Benson, Gerard (tr.) Léopold Sédar Senghor :  Et nous baignerons mon amie

Berry, James:  A dream of leavin

Betjeman, John from Summoned by Bells

Bhatt, Sujata: Finding India in Unexpected Places

Bhatt, SujataToday

Bishop, Elizabeth: Close close all night

Blake, William: from Auguries of Innocence

Blake, William: From Jerusalem

Boland, Eavan:  Legends

Breeze,Jean Binta: dreamer

Browning, RobertMeeting at Night

Burns, Robert: A Red, Red Rose

Burns, Robert: John Anderson my Jo

Burns, Robert: Up in the Morning Early

Carson, Ciaron: Fear

Chalar, Laura Tr. Mena, Erica  Cordón from ‘Montevideo’,

Charles, Faustin Viv

Clarke, Gillian; Ode to Joy

Constantine,Peter tr., Anyte of Tegea : This Place is Aphrodite’s

Cope, Wendy: After the Lunch

Cornford, Frances: Parting in Wartime      

Dawes, KwameDew

De Sousa, Eunice: Pilgrim

Darwish, Mahmoud : Green the land of my poem

Dharkar, Imtiaz: Carving

Dickinson, Emily: Wild Nights

Donaghy, Michael: The Present

Draycott, JaneIndia

Duffy, Carol Ann: Prayer

Elfyn, Menna:  Brooch          

Goodison, Lorna : Bam Chi Chi La La: London, 1969

Goodison, Lorna: I am becoming my mother                                

Graves, Robert : She Tells Her Love  

Gregory, Lady Augusta  translated from the Irish of Antione O’ Raifteiri:I am Raftery the Poet

Grunewald, Hattie: First Contact

Hardy, Thomas: Proud Songsters

Heaney, Seamus: The Railway Children

Hegley, John Thankyou London Underground

Herbert, Cicely tr. Sappho : As a gale on the mountainside

Herbert, Cicely: Everything Changes

Hikmet, Nazim: Baku at Night

Holub, Miroslav: In the microscope

Hopkins,Gerald Manley: Repeat that, Repeat

Housman, A. E: For the War Dead

Jennings, Elizabeth: Delay

Kay, Jackie: Promise

Keats, John: When I have fears that I may cease to be

Kramer, Lotte: Boy with Orange (out of Kosovo)

Kolatkar, Arun; The Butterfly

Lau, Leon Yuchin: If a boy must wonder

Lawrence, D.H.: Piano

Lister, R. P.: Buses on the Strand

Longley, Michael: Harmonica

Lowe, Hannah: Love

MacColl, Ewan: Sweet Thames flow softly  

MacNeice, Louis:  What is truth?’ 

tr. Maguire, Sarah and Yari, Yama, Naderi, Partaw : My Voice

McKendrick, Jamie: Out There

Meehan, Paula: Not Weeding

Mehrotra, Arvind Krishna: Approaching Fifty

Milner, Ian, tr. Holub: In the microscope

Mtshali, Oswald Mbuyiseni:  Inside My Zulu Hut

Moore, Thomas: Go where we May

Morley, David: Fulcrum/Writing a World

Muldoon, Paul : An Old Pit Pony

Msham, Mwana Kupona binti : from Poem to Her Daughter

Naderi, Partaw , tr. Sarah Maguire and Yama Yari: My Voice

Nash, Miriam: Prayer for my Father as Child

Nichols, GraceEpilogue

Nichols, Grace: Moment in a Peace March

O’Brien, Sean : The River Road

O’Connor, Brian: Spooner Goes Under

O’Donohue, John: Time to be slow

O’Sullivan, Leanne: Note

Osundare, Niyi ; I Sing of Change

Parkes, Nii Ayikwei:  Barter

Parkes, Nii Ayikwei: Tin Roof

Pasternak, Boris Hops

Polley, Jacob: The Gulls

Po Chu-I: The Red Cockatoo

Pound, Ezra, tr.:  Blue, blue is the grass

Pugh, Sheenagh:  Sometimes

Quasimodo, Salvatore Tr.Bevan, Jack : And suddenly it’s evening

Raine, Kathleen: Maire Macrae’s Song

Revard, Carter: Birch Canoe    

Rosen, Michael: London Fields

Robinson, Roger : And if I speak of Paradise

Rosenberg, Isaac: On Receiving News of the War        

Salkey, Andrew: History and Away

Sappho, tr. Cicely Herbert: As a gale on the mountainside

Sassoon, Siegfried: Everyone Sang

Seifert, Jaroslav: And now goodbye  

Senghor, Léopold Sédar, tr. Gerard Benson :  Et nous baignerons mon amie

Shakespeare, William: Caliban (from The Tempest)

Shakespeare, William: Fear no more the heat o’ the sun

Shakespeare, WilliamFeste’s song

Shakespeare, William: Sonnet 18

Shakespeare, William: Sonnet 98

Shapcott, Jo: Gherkin Music

Shelley, P.B.: Ozymandias

Sorescu, Marin  translated by D.J. Enright: Perseverance

Soyinka, Wole: Season

Stevenson, Anne: It looks so simple from a distance

Stevenson, Anne: Lesson

Stephenson–Wright, Sophie: Whalesong

Szirtes, George: A Trojan Horse in Trafalgar Square

Tennyson, Lord Alfred: from In Memoriam

Thompson, Francis: At Lord’s

Waterman, Andrew: Our Meetings

Williams, William Carlos: This Is Just to Say

Woolf, Karen McCarthy: On the Thames

Wordsworth, William: Composed upon Westminster Bridge

Wright, Kit: Honesty

Wyatt, Sir Thomas: They Flee from me

tr. Yari, Yama and Maguire, Sarah , Naderi, Partaw : My Voice

Yeats, W.B: He wishes for the Cloths of Heaven

Yeats, W.B: from Sailing to Byzantium

Yeats, W.B: Her Anxiety

Yeats, W. B: Vacillation

Young, Andrew: A Prehistoric camp