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Abse, Dannie : Mysteries 1994 Poster

Abse, Dannie: Mysteries 2004 Poster

Adcock, Fleur: Immigrant

Agbabi, Patience: The London Eye

Agard, John: Chilling Out Beside the Thames

Agard, John: ‘Windrush Child’

Agard, John: Don’t Call Alligator Long-Mouth Till You Cross River

Agard, John: Toussaint L’Ouverture Acknowledges Wordsworth’s Sonnet ‘To Toussaint L’Ouverture’

Ahmed, Anna: Dockside

Ahmed, Safrina: Layers of Kant reveal

Akhmatova, Anna: from Requiem

Alberti, Rafael tr. Strand, Mark: The Waves

Ali, Agha ShahidStationery

Alvi, Moniza : Arrival 1946

Alvi, Moniza:  Indian Cooking

Alvi, Moniza: Indian Cooking

Amichai, Yehuda Tr. Bloch, Chana and Kronfeld, Chana : Ein Yahav from “Israeli Travel: Otherness is All, Otherness is Love”

Amichai, Yehuda: My Father

Amichai, Yehuda : The place where we are right

Anphimiadi, Diana translated by Natalia Bukia-Peters and Jean Sprackland: Bond

Angelou, Maya: Come. And be my baby

Anon tr. Kevin Crossley-Holland: Anglo Saxon Riddle

Anon tr. Seamus Heaney: from Beowulf

Anon: Cries of London

Anon : Fine Knacks for Ladies

Anon: Gray goose and gander

Anon ( 14th Century) Ich am of Irlonde

Anon: I gave my love a cherry

Anon: I have a gentil cock 1989 poster

Anon: I have a gentil cock 1,000 Years of Poetry in English 2000 Poster

Anon: I saw a Peacock with a fiery tail

Anon: I shall say what inordinate love is

Anon, early 15 century: I Sing of a Maiden

Anon: London Bells

Anon: My Lefe is Faren in a Lond

Anon tr. Gerard Benson: Old English Riddle

Anon: Sumer is icumen in

Anon tr. Gerard Benson: The Coming of Grendel from Beowulf

Anon: The Maydens Came

Anon: The Silver Swan 1987 Poster

Anon : The Silver Swan 1992 Poster

Anon: The Twa Corbies

Anon: Western Wind 1986 poster

Anon: Western Wind 1993 poster

Anon: Westron Wynde

Anon tr. Flann O Brien: Season Song

Ante, Romalyn: from Invisible Women

Antrobus, Raymond: Upwards for Ty Chijioke

Anyte of Tegea tr.Peter Constantine: from The Greek Anthology

Anyte of Tegea tr.Peter Constantine: This Place is Aphrodite’s

Apollinaire, Guillaume tr Chandler, Robert: Caterpillar

Apollinaire, Guillaume tr. the Editors: La Petite Auto / The Little Car

Apollinaire, Guillaume Tr. Bernard, Oliver : Letter to Andre Billy. 9 April 1915

Arnold, Matthew: from Dover Beach

Arshi, Mona: This Morning

Atwood, Margaret: True Stories (1)

Auden, W.H. from Tell me the Truth About Love

Auden,W.H. : Funeral Blues

Auden, W. H. : If I Could Tell You

Auden, W.H. : Song

Barker, Sebastian: In the Heart of Hackney 2007 Poster

Barker, Sebastian: In the Heart of Hackney 2012 Poster

Basho, Matsuo: Autumn Evening

Bei Dao Tr. David Hinton with Yanbing Chen: Winter Travels

Bei Dao Translated by Bonnie S. McDougall and Chen Maiping: A Picture for Tiantian’s fifth birthday

Bell, Martin: The Songs

Belloc, Hilaire : On a General Election

Bennett, LouiseColonization in Reverse’

Bensley, Connie: Stations

Bensley, Connie: Shopper

Benson, Gerard (tr.) Léopold Sédar Senghor :  Et nous baignerons mon amie

Benson, Gerard: In a Young Time

Benson, Gerard: Riddle

Bernard, Oliver (tr.) Charles D’Orleans : The Weather’s cast its Coat of Grey

Berry, James:  A dream of leavin

Berry, James: Benediction from Set 2 April 1986

Berry, James: Benediction from Set 106 November 2020

Berry, James: ‘Sea-Song One’

Betjeman, John: City

Betjeman, John from Summoned by Bells 1995 Poster

Betjeman, John from Summoned by Bells 2013 Poster

Bhatt, Sujata: Finding India in Unexpected Places

Bhatt, Sujata Love in a Bathtub

Bhatt, SujataToday

King James Bible 1611, II Samuel 1:25 – 27: David’s lament for Jonathan

King James Bible Ecclesiastes 1 iii-vii

The Bible: From The Song of Solomon

The Bible, 1 Corinthians: When I was a Child

Birney, Earle: giovanni caboto/john cabot

Bishop, Elizabeth: Close close all night

Bishop, Elizabeth: One Art

Bishop, Elizabeth: Song

Blake, William : Ah! Sun-Flower

Blake, William: Eternity

Blake, William: from Auguries of Innocence

Blake, William: From Jerusalem

Blake, William: Jerusalem

Blake, William: Infant Joy

Blake, William: The Sick Rose

Blake, William: The Tyger

Bloom, Valerie: Sun a-shine, rain a-fall

Boland, Eavan:  Legends

Boland, Eavan: The Emigrant Irish 1992 Poster

Boland, Eavan: The Emigrant Irish 2012 Poster

Boland, Eavan: This Moment

Bonnnefoy, Yves Tr. Anthony Rudolf: Let a Place be Made

Borodale, Sean: Hot Bright Visionary Flies

Bosquet, tr. Beckett, Samuel : Fresh Sighs for Sale

Bradstreet, Anne: To My Dear and Loving Husband

Brathwaite, Kamau: Mmenson

Brathwaite, Kamau: Naima

Brathwaite, Kamau: Naima for John Coltrane

Breeze,Jean Binta: dreamer

Breeze, Jean Binta: Moonwise ( for my children, all) 1995 poster

Breeze,Jean Binta: Moonwise 2001 poster

Breeze,Jean Binta: rising

Breyner, Sophia de Mello: 25th April 1974

Breyner, Sophia de Mello: In the Poem

Broomfield, Matt: Playtime

Brown, George Mackay: The Poet

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett: Sonnet from the Portuguese April 1988 Poster

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett: Sonnet from the Portuguese June 2006 Poster

Browning, Robert: Home-Thoughts, from Abroad

Browning, Robert: Meeting at Night 1988 Poster

Browning, RobertMeeting at Night 2019 Poster

Brutus, Dennis: Nightsong : City

Bunting, Basil: Personal Column

Burns, Robert: A red, red rose  1992 Poster

Burns, Robert: A Red, Red Rose 2007 Poster

Burns, Robert: John Anderson my Jo

Burns, Robert: Up in the Morning Early 2002 poster

Burns, Robert: Up in the Morning Early

Burnside, John: A Private Life

Byron, Lord: from Don Juan

Byron, Lord: I would to heaven that I were so much clay

Byron, Lord: Sonnet on Chillon

Byron, Lord: So we’ll go no more a-roving 1987 poster

Byron, Lord: So We’ll Go No More A-Roving 1996 poster

Caedmon Tr. Muldoon, Paul: Caedmon’s Hymn

Campion, Thomas: Now Winter Nights Enlarge

Carson, Ciaron: Fear

Cassels, Imogen : Boy

Cardenal, Ernesto tr. Cardenal, Ernesto and Pring-Mill, Robert: On Lake Nicaragua

Carroll, Lewis: Father William

Carroll, Lewis: The Lobster Quadrille

Causley, Charles: Armistice Day

Causley, Charles: I am the Song

Causley, Charles: I Saw a Jolly Hunter

Causley, Charles: Return to Cornwall

Cavafy, C.P. tr. Dalvin, Rae: Ionian Song

Cavafy, C.P. Tr. Keeley, Edmund and Sherrard, Philip: Longings

Celan, Paul tr. Hamburger, Michael: Thread suns

Cempulappeyanirar Tr. A.K. Ramanujan : What He Said

Chalar, Laura Tr. Mena, Erica :  Cordón from ‘Montevideo’,

Chang Chi : Maple Bridge Night Mooring

Charles, Faustin : Viv 2002 poster

Charles, Faustin: Viv 2012 Poster

Chaucer, Geoffrey: from The Canterbury Tales

Chaucer, Geoffrey: Roundel

Chaucer, Geoffrey: Roundel from the Parliament of Fowls

Chaucer, Geoffrey: Truth

Chernaik, Judith : Tortoise

Chuilleanáin: Eiléan Ní, Swineherd

Chingonyi, Kayo: Clearance

Clanchy, Kate : Content

Clare, John: Emmonsails Heath in Winter

Clare, John: I Am

Clark-Bekederemo, J.P. : Ibadan

Clarke, Gillian; Ode to Joy

Clarke, Gillian: Six Bells

Clarke, Gillian: Taid’s Grave

Clement, Jo: Paisley

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor: from Frost at Midnight

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor : from The Ancient Mariner

Collins, Merle: Free

Çomak, İlhan Sami translated by Caroline Stockford: What I know of the sea

Constantine, David: Coltsfoot and Larches

Constantine, David : Peace (after Goethe)

Constantine,Peter tr., Anyte of Tegea : This Place is Aphrodite’s

Cook, ELizabeth: Bowl

Cope, Wendy: After the Lunch

Cope, Wendy: The Uncertainty of the Poet

Cornford, Frances: All Souls’ Night

Cornford, Frances: Parting in Wartime      

Crabbe, George: from The Borough

Crane, Stephen: I saw a Man Pursuing the Horizon

Crichton Smith, Iain: The Exiles 1995 Poster

Crichton Smith, Iain: The Exiles 2002 poster

D’Aguiar, Fred: Mama Dot

Dante Alighieri translated by Seamus Heaney : from Inferno

Dawes, KwameDew

Darwish, Mahmoud : Green the land of my poem

Deane, John F. : Canticle

de Camoes, Luis translated by Paul Hyland: For Pero Moniz, who died at sea

de Jager, Marolijn translator, Michaelis, Hanny : Somewhere in the House

Dekker, Thomas: Cradle Song

de la Mare, Walter: Alas, alack!

de la Mare, Walter: Silver

De Luca, Christine: At Sixty

De Sousa, Eunice: Pilgrim

Despard, Annabelle: Should You Die First

Dharkar, Imtiaz: Carving

Dickinson, Emily: I Stepped from Plank to Plank

Dickinson, Emily: I Taste a Liquor never Brewed

Dickinson, Emily: Much Madness is Divinest Sense

Dickinson, Emily: My life closed twice before its close

Dickinson, Emily: There Came a Wind Like a Bugle

Dickinson, Emily: Wild Nights

Donaghy, Michael : The Present 2001 poster

Donaghy, Michael: The Present 2019 poster

Done, John: from The Anniversary

Donne, John: Holy Sonnet

Donne, John: No Man is an Island February 2000 Poster

Donne, John: No Man is An Island July 2022 poster

Donne, John: The Good Morrow

Dooley, Maura: Still Life with Sea Pinks and High Tide

Dorgan, Theo: Bread Dipped in Olive Oil and Salt

Charles D’Orleans tr. Oliver Bernard: The Weather’s cast its Coat of Grey

Dowson, Ernest: They Are Not Long

Draycott, JaneIndia

Draycott, Jane No.3 from Uses for the Thames

Drayton, Michael: Since there’s no help, come let us kiss and part

Dryden, John: Chorus from a Play

Duffy, Carol Ann: Hour

Duffy, Carol Ann: Passing-Bells

Duffy, Carol Ann: Prayer 1999 poster

Duffy, Carol Ann: Prayer 2009 poster

Duffy, Carol Ann: Words, Wide Night

Dugdale, Sasha: Private Ownership

Dunbar, William: from to the City of London

Dunmore, Helen : The Shaft

Dunn, Stephen: Happiness

Edmond, Lauris: Greek Antiquities: First Floor

Elfyn, Menna:  Brooch          

Eliot, T.S. : Prelude I 1988 Poster

Eliot, T.S. : Prelude 1 1992 Poster

Empson, William : Homage to the British Museum

Enright, D.J. : Poem on the Underground

Enzensberger, Hans Magnus: Optimistic Little Poem

Ewart, Gavin: A 14-Year-Old Convalescent Cat in the Winter 1990 Poster

Ewart, Gavin: A 14-Year-Old Convalescent Cat in the Winter 1995 Poster

Fainlight, Ruth: Handbag

Fanthorpe, U.A.: Idyll

Farley, Paul: For the House Sparrow, In Decline

Farley, Paul : Monopoly

Fenton, James: Wind

Fiedorczuk , Julia tr. Johnston, Bill : Wish You Were Here 

Finch, Anne, Trail All Your Pikes

Forché, Carolyn: The Visitor

Fried, Erich tr. Hood, Stuart: A Collector

Frost, Robert: Acquainted with the Night

Fujiwara no Toshinari : Cuckoo

Fuller, John, Concerto for Double Bass 1992 Poster

Fuller, John: Concerto for Double Bass 2012 Poster

Gatsos, Nikos: from Amorgos

Gay, John: The Great Frost

John Glenday: For My Wife, Reading in Bed

Glück, Louise: The Undertaking

Goodison, Lorna : Bam Chi Chi La La: London, 1969

Goodison, Lorna: I am becoming my mother 1987 Poster

Goodison, Lorna, I am becoming my mother 2004 poster

Goodison, Lorna, I am becoming my mother 2018 Poster

Goodison, Lorna: I am becoming my mother  2020 Poster                          

Graves, Robert : Love Without Hope

Graves, Robert : She Tells Her Love  

Greenlaw, Lavinia: Sisu

Gregory, Lady Augusta  translated from the Irish of Antione O’ Raifteiri:I am Raftery the Poet

Grunewald, Hattie: First Contact

Gunn, Thom : The Conversation of Old Men

Gunn, Thom: The Reassurance

Gurney, Ivor: Bach and the Sentry

Hardi, Choman: My children

Hardy, Thomas: Heredity

Hardy, Thomas: In Time of the Breaking of Nations

Hardy, Thomas: Lines to a Movement in Mozart’s E-flat Symphony

Hardy, Thomas: Proud Songsters

Harray, Laura: Circulation

Harris, L.E. : Pigeon Patterns

Harrison, Tony: The Morning After (August 1945)

Hartigan, Anne : Heirloom

Hawkes, Rebecca: Stitching the Bayeux Tapestry Heaney, Seamus: Colmcille the Scribe

Heaney, Seamus: Had I not been awake

Heaney, Seamus: The Railway Children 1986 poster

Heaney, Seamus: The Railway Children 2016 Poster

Heaney, Seamus: The Rescue

Heath-Stubbs, John: The Unpredicted

Hegley, John: Into Rail

Hegley, John Thankyou London Underground

Herbert, Cicely tr. Sappho : As a gale on the mountainside

Herbert, Cicely: Everything Changes 1988 Poster

Herbert, Cicely after Bertolt Brecht Alles Wandelt Sich: Everything Changes, 1998 Poster

Herbert, Cicely: Everything Changes 2020 Poster

Herbert, George: Virtue

Herbert, Zbigniew: Nothing Special

Herrick, Robert: Dreams 1989 Poster

Herrick, Robert: Dreams 1993 Poster

Herrick, Robert: from His Return to London

Herrick, Robert: The Argument of His Book

Hewitt, Seán: Leaf

Hikmet, Nazim: Baku at Night

Hill, Geoffrey: Merlin

Holub, Miroslav: In the microscope

Holub, Miroslav translated by David Young and Dana Habova : Spacetime

Hope, A.D. : Inscription for a War

Hope, A.D. : The Gateway

Hope, Danielle:  The Thunderbolt’s Training Manual

Hopkins, Gerard Manley: Inversnaid 1995 poster

Hopkins, Gerald Manley: Inversnaid 2021 poster

Hopkins,Gerald Manley: Repeat that, Repeat

Hopkins, Gerard Manley: Spring and Fall

Hopkins, Gerard Manley: The Windhover

Housman, A. E: For the War Dead

Housman, A.E. : from A Shropshire Lad

Housman, A.E. : When I was one-and-twenty

Hughes, Langston: Dream Boogie

Hughes, Siân: Secret Lives

Hughes, Ted: Full Moon & Little Frieda

Hulme, T. E. : The Embankment

Jaccottet, Philippe Tr. Mahon, Derek: Distances

Jacobs, A.C: N.W.2 Spring

Jamie, Kathleen: The Creel

Jamie, Kathleen: Rooms

Jennings, Elizabeth: Bonnard

Jennings, Elizabeth: Delay 1988 poster

Jennings, Elizabeth: Delay 2017 poster

Johnson, Linton Kwesi : Beacon of Hope (for John La Rose)

John the Giant Killer : A Riddle

Jonson, Ben: Song: To Celia

Joseph, Jenny : Tides

Kaminsky, Ilya: In the Bright Sleeve of the Sky

Karim, Fawzi in a version by Howell, Anthony:  Black Ink

Kavanagh, Patrick: Consider the Grass Growing

Kavanagh, Patrick: Memory of my Father

Kay, Jackie: George Square

Kay, Jackie: Promise

Kay, Jackie: Promise (2021)

Keats, John: from Endymion 1987 poster

Keats, John: from Endymion 1991 Poster

Keats, John: from Endymion 2021

Keats, John: from To Autumn

Keats, John : from To Autumn (2021 )

Keats, John: Lines from Endymion (2011 Celebrating 25 years)

Keats, John: from Ode to a Nightingale

Keats, John: On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer 1989 Poster

Keats, John: On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer 2000 Poster

Keats, John: On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer 2014 Poster

Keats, John: When I have fears that I may cease to be

Kennedy, X J: To Someone Who Insisted I Look Up Someone

Kessler, Milton: Thanks Forever

Keys, Kerry Shawn: Vesper for my Mother

Khalvati, Mimi: Apology

King, Henry: Sic Vita

Kipling, Rudyard : A Dead Statesman 1989 Poster

Kipling, Rudyard: A Dead Statesman 2012 Poster

Knight, Stephen: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Kramer, Lotte: Boy with Orange (out of Kosovo)

Kolatkar, Arun; The Butterfly

Koltz, Anise: The Birds Will Still Sing

Kazantzis, Judith : Freight Song

Kramer, Lotte: Exodus

Lagerkvist, Par tr. W. H. Auden & Leif Sjöberg: Let my Shadow disappear into yours

Langland, William: from Piers Plowman

Larkin, Philip: Cut Grass

Larkin, Philip: The Trees 1986 poster

Larkin, Philip, The Trees 1997 poster

Lau, Leon Yuchin: If a boy must wonder

Lawrence, D.H.: Piano 1989 Poster

Lawrence, D.H.: Piano 2010 Poster

Lear, Edward: There was an Old Man of Blackheath

Lear, Edward: There Was an Old Man With A Beard 1987 poster

Lear, Edward There Was an Old Man with a Beard 1996 poster

Lee, Laurie: The Long War

Levertov, Denise: Living

Levi, Primo tr. Chiavetta, Eleonora: 25 February 1944

Leviston, Frances: Industrial

Lewis, Gwyneth: Small Brown Job

Lim, Shirley: Modern Secrets

Lister, R. P.: Buses on the Strand

Lochead, Liz: Riddle-Me-Ree

Logue, Christopher : London Airport

Lomas, Herbert, translator, Stenberg, Eira : Almost Without Noticing

Lomas, Herbert: Greenwich Park

Longley, Michael: Harmonica

Longley, Michael: The Sunburst

Longley, Michael: The Sonnets

Lorca, Frederico Garcia: Peaceful waters: Variation

Lovelace, Richard: To Althea from Prison

Lowe, Hannah: Love

MacCaig, Norman: February – not everywhere

MacCaig, Norman: Stars & Planets

MacColl, Ewan: Sweet Thames flow softly  

MacDiarmid, Hugh: The Bonnie Broukit Bairn

MacLeish, Archibald: Words in Time

MacNeice, Louis:  from Autumn Journal

MacNeice, Louis: Coda

MacNeice, Louis: Snow

MacNeice, louis: Snow 100 Poems on the Underground 1991Poster

MacNeice, Louis:  What is truth?’ 

tr. Maguire, Sarah and Yari, Yama, Naderi, Partaw : My Voice

Mahon, Derek: Dog Days

Makoha, Nick: BOM Mumbai Airport

Malouf, David: Thaw

Mandelstam, Osip: You took away all the oceans and all the room

Mapanje, Jack: The Palm Trees at Chigawe

Markham, E.A.: The Thing Not Said

Marlowe, Christopher: from Doctor Faustus

Marlowe, Christopher: The Passionate Shepherd to his Love

Marvell, Andrew: from The Garden

Masefield, John: Cargoes

McGough, Roger: The Leader 1989 poster

McGough, Roger: The Leader 1995 poster

McKendrick, Jamie: Out There

McLeod, Caitlin: Under the Stairs

Meehan, Paula: Not Weeding

Meehan, Paula: Seed

Mehrotra, Arvind Krishna: Approaching Fifty

Merwin, W. S. : Rain Travel

Merwin, W.S.: Separation

Mew, Charlotte: Sea Love

Michaelis, Hanny tr. de Jager, Marolijn: Somewhere in the House

Michelangelo, La forza d’un bel viso a che mi sprona?

Millay, Edna St Vincent: First Fig

Millay, Edna St Vincent : What Lips my Lips Have Kissed

Miller, Kei: ‘The only thing far away’

Milligan, Spike: Look at all those monkeys

Milligan, Spike: Teeth

Milner, Ian, tr. Holub: In the microscope

Milosz, Czeslaw: Blacksmith Shop

Milosz, Czeslaw: And Yet the Books 1989 poster

Milosz, Czeslaw: And Yet the Books 2006 poster

Milton, John: On His Blindness

Milton, John: On May Morning

Milton, John: Song from Comus

Milton, John: from Paradise Lost 1987 Poster

Milton, John: The Expulsion from Eden from Paradise Lost 1999 Poster

Milton, John: The Expulsion from Eden 2008 poster

Mitchell, Adrian: Celia Celia

Mitchell, Adrian: Celia Celia and Goodbye

Mitchell, Adrian: Song in Space

Mtshali, Oswald Mbuyiseni:  Inside My Zulu Hut

Montale, Eugenio tr. Jeremy Reed: The Sunflower

Moore, Marianne: I May, I Might, I Must

Moore, Thomas: Go where we May

Moraes, Dom: Architecture

Morgan, Edwin: The Loch Ness Monster’s Song

Morley, David: Fulcrum/Writing a World

Morrissey, Sinéad: Grasmere Journal, 1801

Msham, Mwana Kupona binti : from Poem to Her Daughter

Mudbara Tribe from The Dulngulg Song cycle translated by Ronald M. Berndt: Sunrise Sequence

Muldoon, Paul : An Old Pit Pony

Muldoon, Paul : The Boundary Commission

Murray, Les: Late Summer Fires

Murray, Les: The Meaning of Existence

Naderi, Partaw , tr. Sarah Maguire and Yama Yari: My Voice

Nagra, Daljit : Look there he goes even now, my father

Nagra, Daljit : Our Town with the Whole of India

Naomi, Katrina: Diary

Nash, Miriam: Prayer for my Father as Child

Neruda, Pablo tr. Reid, Alastair: Poetry

Nichols, Grace: Bourda’

Nichols, GraceEpilogue 2018 poster

Nichols, Grace; Epilogue 2000 poster

Nichols, Grace: Like a Beacon (1986)

Nichols, Grace: Like a Beacon ( 2013)

Nichols, Grace: Like a Beacon (2016)

Nichols, Grace For the Life of This Planet

Nichols, Grace: Moment in a Peace March

Nichols, Grace: Praise Song for My Mother

Ní Dhomhnaill ,Nuala: The Language Issue

O’Brien, Sean : The River Road

O’Connor, Brian: Spooner Goes Under

O’Donohue, John: This is the Time to be Slow Excerpt from For the Break-Up of a Relationship,  from Benedictus (Europe) / To Bless the Space Between Us (US) by John O’Donohue

O’Hara, Frank: Animals

O’Sullivan, Leanne: Note

Osundare, Niyi ; I Sing of Change 2007 Poster

Osundare, Niyi : I Sing of Change 2012 Poster

Osundare, Niyi : I Sing of Change 2020 Poster

Oswald, Alice: Wedding

Owen, Wilfrid : Anthem for Doomed Youth

Owen, Wilfrid : Futility

Padel, Ruth: Misty

Palladas tr. Tony Harrison: Loving the Rituals 1,000 Years of Poetry in English 1999 poster

Palladas tr. Tony Harrison: Loving the rituals 2001 poster

Parker, Dorothy: One Perfect Rose

Parker, Dorothy: The Flaw in Paganism

Parkes, Nii Ayikwei:  Barter

Parkes, Nii Ayikwei: Tin Roof

Paskins, Matthew: The flags

Pasternak, Boris Hops

Paterson, Don: Road

Paterson, Don: Web

Peele, George: Song

Pessoa, Fernando : Harvestwoman

Petit, Pascale: Her Glasses

Pierpoint, Katherine: Fenland Station in Winter

Pilkington, Laetitia: A Song

Plath, Sylvia: Child

Polley, Jacob: The Gulls

Po Chu-I: The Red Cockatoo

Pogson, Lucy: Night Caller

Popa, Vasko Tr. Pennington, Anne: Belgrade

Pope, Alexander: from An Essay on Man

Porter, Peter: Waiting for Rain in Devon

Pound, Ezra, tr.:  Blue, blue is the grass

Pugh, Sheenagh: Sometimes 1991 poster

Pugh, Sheenagh:  Sometimes

Quasimodo, Salvatore Tr.Bevan, Jack : And suddenly it’s evening bilingual text

Quasimodo, Salvatore Tr.Bevan, Jack : And suddenly it’s Evening bilingual text

Raine, Kathleen: Dream

Raine, Kathleen: Heroes

Raine, Kathleen: Maire Macrae’s Song

Raine, Kathleen: The Very Leaves of the Acacia-tree are London

Revard, Carter: Birch Canoe    

Rhys, Ernest : Lost in France

Rich, Adrienne Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

Ridler, Anne: Expectans Expectavi

Ritsos, Yannis Tr. Rae Dalven: Miracle

Riviere, Sam: Cuts

Robertson, Robin: New Gravity

Robinson, Roger : And if I speak of Paradise

Rodriguez, Judith: Nasturtium Scanned

Roethke, Theodore: Dolor

Roethke, Theodore: The Sloth

Rosen, Michael: London Fields

Rosenberg, Isaac: August 1914

Rosenberg, Isaac: On Receiving News of the War    2008 poster    

Rossetti, Christina : A Birthday

Rudolf, Anthony translator, Bonnnefoy, Yves : Let a Place be Made

Rumens, Carol : Once after Pushkin

Ryan, Tracy: The Lesson

Salkey, Andrew: A song for England 1991 Poster

Salkey, Andrew: A song for England 2012 Poster

Salkey, Andrew: History and Away

Sandburg, Carl : Grass

Sappho, tr. Cicely Herbert: Two fragments 1992 Poster

Sappho, tr. Cicely Herbert: As a gale on the mountainside 2012 Poster

Sappho, Two Fragments

Sarton, May: A Glass of Water

Sassoon, Siegfried: Everyone Sang 1986 Poster

Sassoon, Siegfried : Everyone Sang 1997 Poster

Sassoon, Siegfried: Everyone Sang 2009 Poster

Sassoon, Siegfried: The General

Satyamurti, Carole: Day Trip

Satyamurti, Carole : Ourstory

Schwartz, Delmore: from The Mind is an Ancient and Famous Capital

Seifert, Jaroslav: And now goodbye  

Senghor, Léopold Sédar, tr. Gerard Benson :  Et nous baignerons mon amie

Senior, Olive: Guinep

Shakespeare, William: Ariel’s Song 1988 Poster

Shakespeare, William: Ariel’s Song 1993 Poster

Shakespeare, William: Ariel’s Song 2016 Poster

Shakespeare, William: Caliban (from The Tempest)

Shakespeare, William: Fear no more the heat o’ the sun 2000 poster

Shakespeare, William: Fear no more the heat o’ the sun 2017 poster

Shakespeare, WilliamFeste’s song

Shakespeare: William: from The Winter’s Tale

Shakespeare, William: From King Lear

Shakespeare, William: Prospero’s Farewell

Shakespeare, William: Puck to Oberon

Shakespeare, William: Sonnet 18 2009 poster

Shakespeare, William: Sonnet 18 Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day 1994 poster

Shakespeare, William: Sonnet 18 2012 poster

Shakespeare, William: Sonnet 29

Shakespeare, William: Sonnet 65

Shakespeare, William: Sonnet 73

Shakespeare, William: Sonnet 98

Shakespeare, William: Sonnet 116 1998 Poster

Shakespeare, William: Sonnet 116 2016 Poster

Shakespeare, William: Under the Greenwood Tree 1996 Poster

Shakespeare, William: Under the greenwood tree 2012 poster

Shapcott, Jo: Gherkin Music

Shapcott, Jo: I go inside the tree

Shapcott, Jo: Quark

Sheers, Owen: Skirrid Fawr

Sheers, Owen: Swallows 2006 Poster

Sheers, Owen: Swallows 2012 Poster

Shelley, P.B.: from Adonais

Shelley, P.B.: from Ode to the West Wind Feb 2022 poster

Shelley, P. B. : from Ode to the West Wind Nov 2022 poster

Shelley, P.B.: Ozymandias, January 1986 poster

Shelley, P.B.: Ozymandias June 2016 poster

Shelley, P.B.: Ozymandias July 2022 Poster

Shelley, P. B.: The World’s Great Age Begins Anew

Shelley, P.B. : To Emilia V-

Shelley, P. B.: Music When Soft Voices Die

Shelley, P.B.: With a Guitar To Jane

Sheridan, Thomas :A True and Faithful Inventory of the Goods belonging to Dr Swift

Sidney, Sir Philip: My true love hath my heart and I have his

Šimkus, Antanas: A Date on Sunday

Sissay, Lemn: Dei Miracole

Smart, Elizabeth : A Musical Note

Smith, Ken: Encounter at St. Martins

Smith, Ken: The bee dance

Smith, Stevie: Lady ‘Rogue’ Singleton

Smith, Stevie: Not Waving but Drowning

Snyder, Gary: At Maple Bridge

Södergran, Edith Translated by Herbert Lomas: Hope

Sorescu, Marin  translated by D.J. Enright: Perseverance

Soyinka, Wole: Season 1,000 Years of Poetry in English 1999 Poster

Soyinka, Wole: Season African Poems on the Underground 2007 poster

Soyinka, Wole: To My First White Hairs

Spaziani, Maria Luisa tr. Allen, Beverly : The Aegean

Spenser, Edmund: from Mutabilitie

Spencer, Kyle : Astral Enlightenment

Spender, Stephen: To My Daughter

Stainer, Pauline: Potosi

Steen, Vagn tr. Steen, Vagn: A Capitalist Society

Stenberg, Eira tr. Lomas, Herbert: Almost Without Noticing

Stepanova, Maria tr. Dugdale, Sasha: from War of the Beasts and the Animals

Stephenson–Wright, Sophie: Whalesong

Stevens, Wallace: Disillusionment of Ten O’ Clock

Stevens, Wallace: The Man with the Blue Guitar

Stevenson, Anne: After The Fall

Stevenson, Anne: It looks so simple from a distance

Stevenson, Anne: Lesson

Stevenson, Anne : Ragwort

Stevenson, Robert Louis: Where go the Boats

Symborska, Wislawa: The Two Apes of Breughel

Symons, Arthur: A Tune

Szabo, Anna T. : from Labour Ward

Szirtes, George: Accordionist

Szirtes, George: A Trojan Horse in Trafalgar Square

Teng, Qian Xi : The End of Every Field

Tennyson, Lord Alfred : from in Memoriam 1,000 Years of Poetry in English October 1999

Tennyson, Lord Alfred: from In Memoriam Science Poems on the Underground 2010

Tennyson, Lord Alfred: Song from the Princess

Thomas, Dylan: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Thomas, Dylan: From Fern Hill

Thomas, Dylan: In my Craft or Sullen Art

Thomas, Edward : Adlestrop

Thomas, Edward : In Memoriam (Easter 1915)

Thomas, Edward : Thaw

Thomas, R. S.: The Ancients of the World 

Thompson, Francis: At Lord’s 1986 poster

Thompson, Francis: At Lord’s 2013 poster

Tomlinson, Charles: If Bach Had Been a Beekeeper

Towers, Katherine: The Way We Go

Trakl, Georg tr. Constantine, David: Im Osten / In the East

Tranströmer, Tomas tr. Deane, John F. : From March ’79

Traynor, Jessica: Ditches

Ungaretti , Giuseppe tr. Creagh, Patrick: Fratelli / Brothers

Vaughan, Henry: The World

Verlaine, Paul tr John Montague : Le Faune Faun

Wakoski, Diane: The Hitchhikers

Walcott, Derek: Map of the New World: Archipelagoes

Walcott, Derek: Midsummer, Tobago

Waterman, Andrew: Our Meetings

Whitman, Walt: Crossing Brooklyn Ferry

Whitman, Walt: Reconciliation

Whitman, Walt: What Am I After All

Wilde, Oscar: Symphony in Yellow 1988 Poster

Wilde, Oscar: Symphony in Yellow 1998 Poster

Williams, Hugo: Saturday Morning

Williams, William Carlos: This is Just to Say 1986 Poster

Williams, William Carlos: This is Just to Say 1992 Poster

Williams, William Carlos: This is Just to Say 2009 Poster

Williams, William Carlos: This Is Just to Say 2016 Poster

Wong, Cyril : Crow

Woolf, Karen McCarthy: On the Thames

Wordsworth, William: Composed upon Westminster Bridge 1986 Poster

Wordsworth, William: Composed upon Westminster Bridge 2009 Poster

Wordsworth, William: Composed upon Westminster Bridge 2013 poster

Wordsworth, William : from The Prelude 2008 poster

Wordsworth, William: from The Prelude

Wordsworth, William: The Rainbow Comes and Goes

Wordsworth, William: The world is too much with us

Wright, David: On Himself

Wright, Judith: Mountain

Wright, Judith: Rainforest

Wright, Kit: Honesty

Wright, Kit: Sergeant Brown’s Parrot

Wyatt, Sir Thomas: Tagus Farewell

Wyatt, Sir Thomas: They Flee from me

Yang Lian tr. Cayley, John: Vase

tr. Yari, Yama and Maguire, Sarah , Naderi, Partaw : My Voice

Yates, Luke: I think my brain is coming out of my ears

Yeats, W.B: An Irish Airman foresees his Death

Yeats, W.B.: from Among School Children

Yeats, W.B: He wishes for the Cloths of Heaven 1998 poster

Yeats, W.B: He wishes for the Cloths of Heaven 2015 poster

Yeats, W.B: from Sailing to Byzantium

Yeats, W.B: Her Anxiety 1986 poster

Yeats, W.B: Her Anxiety 2009 poster

Yeats, W.B. The Lake Isle of Innisfree

Yeats, W. B: Vacillation

Yeats, W. B: When You Are Old

Young, Andrew: A Prehistoric camp                                

Youssef, Saadi tr. Mattawa, Khaled: Poetry 2003 Poster

Youssef, Saadi tr. Mattawa, Khaled: Poetry 2006 Poster

Zagajewski, Adam: Star

Zephaniah, Benjamin: Anti-Slavery Movements

Zephaniah, Benjamin: ‘The London Breed’

Ziman-Bright, Ben: Rhapsody