Poems on the Underground has been offering poetry to London’s tube travellers for thirty five years. You can read some of our favourite poems here, displayed in their original posters. We shall be regularly adding more poems from our collection, verses new and old, familiar and unfamiliar, serious and comic. We hope you will enjoy poems which have entertained millions of London commuters, inspiring similar programmes across the world.

Because there has been little commercial advertising on the Tube, poems displayed in 2020 have filled the Tube cars, to the delight of readers.  Our next set of Tube poems will appear in late February, marking the bicentenary of London’s best-loved poet, John Keats, who died in Rome, aged 25, on 24 February 1821. The bicentenary will also be marked on stations near where Keats lived and worked.

You can see our most recent selection of Poems here

You can download a copy of our Black History Month Leaflet here

You can download a copy of our London Poems on the Underground leaflet here